Camping in the great outdoors is so much better with the right equipment.

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Camping in the great outdoors is so much better with the right equipment.

My wife and her first husband used to love to go camping. Let me rephrase that; he loved to go camping while she cooked and prepared meals the entire time. He played with the kids, 4 and 6 at the time, until they started crying and then off they went to mom. In other words, my wife hated camping. She hated the bugs, the heat, the lack of facilities, etc., but if she had a decent cookware set, she said she could make it through trip.

The Redneck Camping Cookware Set lets you enjoy camping, hiking, picnics, boy scout trips, and other outdoor activities while cooking with this handy set. The 1 liter pot, lid & frying pan are made from anodized aluminum alloy that is no-stick and safe to use in cooking. The handy bowls & ladle are made of BPA-free plastic. Also included is 1 metal spork and 1 wooden spatula. Clean everything in a breeze with the conveniently sized loofa sponge. The brightly colored orange handles and pot lid handle keep you from losing your gear in the outdoors. Finished eating? When you’re done cooking, the handles quickly collapse and the entire kit folds together, completely self-contained. Place the set into the handy canvas carrying bag with drawstring and slip your portable kitchen easily into a backpack or camping bag. This is the way camping cookware was meant to be: quick, convenient, portable & safe.

My wife loves looking at this set. She says it would have been a great little set for a short overnight camping trip and many of our customers agree.

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