Redneck Convent's Clear Purse is Stylish and it Follows the Rules

Redneck Convent's Clear Purse is Stylish and it Follows the Rules

Over the last year I have been to multiple NFL games with my mom. Every time we attend she always accidentally brings her purse to the gate, and is told no purses are allowed in the stadium unless they are clear and meet specific dimensions. So every time I have to wait at the gate while she walks her purse back to the car and quickly stuffs as much as she can into her pockets. 

I finally gave in and bought her the Redneck Convent Clear Purse. Now, we leave the purse next to our jerseys so that before every game she transfers her items from her purse into the clear, NFL approved purse and we are good to go. She loves the purse! It is just the right size, and it allows her to bring her necessities to the game without worrying whether or not her bag will be approved. 

Whether you’re packing for game day, your workplace, or any venue that requires a clear bag for security purposes, Redneck Convent Clear Purses are a practical, reliable option that meets the NFL and PGA tournament security standards. Redneck Convent offers a small, medium, and large bag, ideal for carrying everything from towels and sweatshirts, to lunches, cameras, wallets, and keys. Made with durable, waterproof PVC material and a strong zipper top, you can keep your items safe from weather, spills, and theft. Each bag features straps for easy over-the-shoulder carrying and a front pouch with a loop and hook seal. You will be amazed at how much you can securely fit into each bag. When not in use, they conveniently fit inside each other for easy storage. Pack everything you need in one of our NFL stadium-approved, clear purses and pass through security quickly and easily so you can enjoy your day.


  • Redneck Convent Clear Purses are suitable for workplaces and stadiums that requires clear bags; Works well for office workers, sports fans, concert fans
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Each bag features straps, front pouches with loop and hook seals, and zipper tops
  • Bags carry everything from large items such as towels and sweatshirts, to cameras, wallets and keys
  • Available in: Small: 8” x 8” x 3”; Medium: 11 x 8 x 4 ; Large: 12” x 12” x 6”

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