The Story Behind Redneck Convent

Behind our odd name is a one-of-a-kind story --

Once upon a time, our founders were looking for a distribution partner to expand our hunting and fishing product line. They had heard wild stories about a man named Rick Cooney -- a big, burly guy with a passion for duck hunting who lived across the state. After weeks of reaching out, Rick eventually invited them up to his home office for a visit. Embarking on a road trip across South Dakota, they reached their destination 9 hours later: a massive, white church-like building at the end of a back country road. Just as they began thinking they were lost and the building in front of them couldn't possibly be a home office, Rick's massive frame stepped out the front door to greet them. 

Rick began to show them around the place, his stories coming to life with his booming voice and roaring laugh. They learned he was a well-known seller of duck decoys under the business name, RC Hunting, and after a tour of every room in the sprawling, old building our founders asked him, "RC is short for Rick Cooney Hunting, then?" 

To which he explained, "HECK NO! This building we're sittin' in was a convent for nuns back in the 1800's...and I'm a proud Redneck who loves to I reckon' RC Hunt stands for REDNECK CONVENT!" 

And there you have it. As a tribute to Rick Cooney and all the good ol' redneck sportsmen (& women) out there, we bring you a line as big and bold as the Original Redneck himself...

Built by Rednecks for Rednecks.