Wearing Snowboard/Ski Goggles is a Must!

Wearing Snowboard/Ski Goggles is a Must!

A few weeks ago I went snowboarding with my sunglasses, thinking they would do the same job as goggles. Boy, was I wrong! I found out that my mistake is a common mistake of other snowboarders. Goggles are important for both skiing and snowboarding because they help to shield your eyes from the sun and wind. Wearing googles also helps to keep your face warm, which on negative 30 degree days, you need everything you can to stay warm! In fact, many people wear ski/snowboarding goggles for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in windy, chilly weather. 

Snowboard goggles are better than sunglasses because they are more secure. When you're riding your snowmobile or skiing on a bumpy slope, the goggles stay on your face while the sunglasses fall off. Since the goggles wrap around your face, they protect you from the wind which can blur your vision and give you frostbite. Although sunglasses protect you from bright conditions, the goggles wrap around your face, which gives your entire vision shade to see better and prevent accidents.Thus, I've learned my lesson and purchased Redneck Convent's Snowboard and Ski Goggles with Magnetic Lens. The Redneck Convent Snowboard goggles have magnetic lens, which makes it easier to wear the goggles alongside my helmet. Its so nice to be able to take the lenses out quickly when taking a break or needing to clean off the lenses. But, don't worry, the lenses are secure to the goggles when I am in action. Now, I enjoy snowboarding more, I feel more protected, and I saved an incredible amount of money by purchasing these instead of the comparable glasses I found online. Don't make my mistake, buy these today! 


These RC snowmobile and ski goggles provide the ultimate amount of protection for your eyes while enhancing visibility. Designed for wear by men and women, they fit securely and comfortably on your face to block out wind, cold, debris or other hazards while you’re on the slopes, on the trail, or wherever else you get your high-octane, speed-injected thrills. Each pair’s durable TPU frame is flexible and light while also resistant to nicks, scratches and tears, as well as oil or grease stains. The attached adjustable strap also ensures that your gear stays on to shield your eyes when you’re moving at high speeds or in case of falls, collisions or other accidents. The attractive, high-tech lens coating also cuts down your exposure to harmful UV rays while improving your vision day or night, under any conditions.


  • RC Snowmobile and Ski Goggles are made from durable, high-quality materials for superior eye shielding and protection
  • Anti-glare, anti-fogging reflective lenses feature UV400 coating and available in: Silver, Red with Black Frame, Revo Blue, and Revo Red
  • Spherical lens shape with enhanced peripheral vision allows for better visibility
  • Air vents on top and bottom sides permit heat to escape from inside, making them truly fog-free
  • High-density soft foam and sturdy frame give you an exact, comfortable fit while keeping the cold out

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