Animal Catch Pole – 4’ Ft Small Animal Handling Pole 10” Inch Opening

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  • ANIMAL CONTROL POLE: Catching an unwelcomed pest or a feral cat is hard without the right tools; Use the Redneck Convent™ Animal Snare Pole Catch and Release Trap Pole to quickly capture animals so you can carefully guide them into a cage or kennel for easy and safe transportation; Often used for dogs and cats, these trapping tools can also be used for reptiles or other small and medium-sized animals; Not designed for large animals
  • SAFELY RESTRAIN AN ANIMAL: Approach an animal slowly with the catch pole at your side; Using both hands, smoothly slip the dog and feral cat trap noose over the head of the animal; (For smaller animals, loop one of the front legs for a more stable hold and to avoid choking the animal); Pull cable thumb loop backwards to tighten the noose end until the animal is safely and securely restrained
  • EASY RELEASE MECHANISM: This catcher tool features a locking mechanism that secures the noose in position when fastened around an animal; Once tightened, the loop can only be loosened and removed when the release knob is pulled; Always take care to not over tighten the noose around the neck or chest of the restrained animal
  • APPROPRIATE FOR ANIMAL RESCUE MISSIONS: Live animal traps are ideal for animal control officers, vets, and even farmers and can be used to easily transport an animal to a humane society, a pet clinic, or out to the wild; Use this dog catcher pole as a squirrel trap, rabbit trap, skunk trap, racoon trap, or opossum trap pole; These dog snare cat traps can even be used on large lizards, small alligators, or other medium-sized wildlife
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of thick, rigid PVC material, this dog catcher animal grabber pole is designed for strength, durability, and longevity; With a 4-foot (122 cm) length, the handler has an extra sense of security from being bitten or scratched; Coated cable protects the skin and hair of the animal being restrained; Suitable for animals that can fit the 10-inch (25.4 cm) noose opening
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