Beaver Skull Real Animal Skull – Real Bones Taxidermy Skull with Teeth Redneck Convent 3891

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  • REAL BEAVER SKULL: The beaver is a nocturnal creature and recognized for being resourceful and hardworking; With their large wood-cutting teeth and mud working beaver tails, these creatures are known for building incredible beaver dams throughout America, Europe, and Asia; Add the Redneck Convent | Real Animal Skeletons Real Bone Beaver Skull and Teeth to your taxidermy bones collection next to your beaver pelt or use as decorations in your cabin animal skull decor scheme
  • LEGALLY AND ETHICALLY OBTAINED: All animal skeleton models are obtained through legal hunting and trapping operation within the United States to maintain overpopulation and to protect other native animals; We support the use of the entire animal including hide, tails, feet, bones, claws, meat, and grease
  • PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED: The included skull and bones are professionally boiled and treated to provide you with a quality piece that will impress your friends and family; To preserve integrity, color, and texture of your American beaver animal skull real bones, we do not use whitening substances or artificial sealants; Lower jaw comes attached to the upper skull for display purposes
  • RUSTIC HOME DECOR: These real animal bones are unique and authentic and will stand out beautifully in your home; The natural off-white color and genuine skull teeth will help to create a divine and earthy feel; PLEASE NOTE: Because these are natural specimens, minor imperfections such as discoloration, split teeth, battle scars, and other oddities are to be expected
  • WONDERFUL SCIENCE-ORIENTED GIFT: On average, a beaver skull should measure roughly 5 inches (12.7cm) in length and 3.5 inches (8.9cm) in width (exact dimensions may differ); Encourage imagination and curiosity in young science lovers with these taxidermy animals articulated skeleton real bones and skulls; Makes wonderful gifts for collectors and teachers
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