Dog Proof Trap Setter - 7IN Coon Trap Setting Tool Leverage Handle Redneck Convent 9985

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  • [Safely Set Your Traps]: The Redneck Convent Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap Set Tool - 7 Inch Quality-Strength Leverage Handle makes setting your raccoon paw traps easier, quicker, and safer
  • [Made in the USA]: 7.4-inch (18.8cm) length and 6.4mm (.25-inch) diameter u-shaped metal bar is designed to create leverage to compress the stubborn raccoon hand trap springs to make setting traps safer
  • [Fits Your Traps]: Makes trapping minks, muskrats, martens, and groundhogs simpler; 1.6-inch (4cm) opening slides between the spring bars on your Duke, Z-trap, and Bridger DP coon trap kits (not included)
  • [Easy to Use]: Position indents on the duke coon trap setter beneath the bar holding the trigger; Push downwards on the DP trap setter to compress the spring; Once compressed, lock into place with trigger hook; Remove DP setting tool
  • [Incredible Visibility]: Vivid powder-coating stands out against foliage and snow, so you never lose your dog proof setter tool while you set and reset multiple outdoor raccoon and skunk traps
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