Duck Decoy Mallard Decoys Duck Decoys Mallard Duck Hunting Decoys 6pc Redneck Convent 9584

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  • DETAILED DUCK DECOYS: The Redneck Convent Avian Mallard Decoys 6 Piece Set is designed to catch the attention of high flying ducks to bring them into your waters when you are hunting; This mallard duck decoys 6 pack is designed to imitate the predominant species, the mallard duck, to help draw in other puddle waterfowls such as pintails, mojo teal, gadwalls, and widgeons
  • WEIGHTED KEEL: Constructed of lightweight foam, these avian duck decoys are designed with a lightly weighted keel to help anchor your floating duck decoys while still giving them the ability to move swiftly through the water as if they were real; The innovative keel design helps your duck decoys for hunting stay upright
  • REALISTIC SWIMMING MOTION: Designed with lightweight hollow bodies and lightly weighted keels, these incredibly detailed mallard floaters provide a realistic imitation that distracts ducks while you aim for the kill shot; The mallard decoys 6 pack move easily even in the slightest breeze to depict a realistic swimming motion
  • THE PERFECT DECOY SPREAD: Building a decoy spread can be imaginative and fun, but due to various complicated gadgets and motion decoy designs, it can be complicated for beginners; This 6 piece set of full body mallard duck decoys gives you the perfect starter pack for your first decoy spread; Integral swim clips on these hunting decoys allow you to connect the decoys using decoy line and duck decoy weights to keep your spread together so they swim as one
  • CONTENTS: These mallard floaters include 3 resting drakes and 3 resting hens; The heavy-duty foam bodies are resistant to aging, high temperatures, water, and chemicals which will protect the pond decoy and their coloring; The hollow insides also keep your avian decoys light for easy transportation
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