Logwood Trap Dye – 2 Pound Black Logwood Dye for Trapping Bag Set Redneck Convent 2030_2PACK

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  • PROTECT YOUR TRAPPING TOOLS: The Redneck Convent 1 Pound Logwood Trap Dye Powder, 2 Bag Set is a must for any rodent, fox, coyote, or wolf trapper; Log wood dye chemically fuses to your metal coyote trapping supplies to remove and prevent rust and to turn your trapping snares a dark black color for low visibility from animals; Keep your trapping stakes, rodent cage traps, jaw spring traps, snare traps and other hunting traps safe and strong
  • RICH LOGWOOD METAL DYE POWDER: Logwood extract dust is harvested from the spiny tropical Logwood trees it is named for; The powder contains condensed tannins that magically turn its reddish color to jet black when mixed with water; When you soak your traps in this mixture, the dye fuses to the metal to neutralize odors and rust while staining the metal of your small game traps
  • PREPPING YOUR TRAPS AND SURVIVAL SNARES: While it may sound odd, traps with a thin coat of rust will dye more efficiently; Oxidation chemically reacts with the tannic acids in the dye to remove rust and affect the color of the metal more quickly; For newer traps, remove oils and grease by boiling in a strong degreaser then lay outside for a week to rust; Use vinegar to help speed up the process; If dipping older traps, brush off any dust or dirt before dipping
  • DYE IN HOT OR COLD WATER: Once your coyote trap kit is prepped, you are ready to dye; Bring logwood powder and water mixture to a simmer; Add your traps, ensuring to keep them covered in liquid for 10 minutes to 1 hour; Carefully remove when satisfied with the color of the tinted metal; Rinse and hang to dry; The cold water method simply suggests to dissolve your powder in water then allow the traps to soak in the mixture for a week until they are the color you desire
  • CONTENTS: Each package includes (2) 1-pound bags of logwood dye powder; Use 5 gallons (18.9 L) of water per 1 pound (16 oz) bag of logwood powder to treat up to 36 averaged-sized traps; Can be used on all steel traps and will dry quickly leaving a strong, dark finish that will resist rust and odors; Package does not include traps, prepping materials, or wax
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