Odorless Trap Wax – 2 Pound Paraffin Wax, Trapping Snare Dipping Wax Redneck Convent 2054_2PACK

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  • PROTECT YOUR TRAPPING TOOLS: The Redneck Convent 1 Pound Trapping Wax Block, 2 Block Package is a must for any rodent, fox, coyote, or wolf trapper; After using logwood dye to turn your trapping snares black, simply dip your coyote trapping supplies in this hot wax to seal and protect the new color and to resist odors and rust more efficiently than dye alone
  • LUBRICATING PARAFFIN WAX BLOCKS: Paraffin wax is a soft plastic-like material that melts in high temperatures and can be used to coat your traps and snares for higher resistance to rust and odors; This makes them ideal for use in streams, near lakes, or during snowy and rainy weather; Wax also helps to lubricate so that your trapping stakes, rodent cage traps, jaw spring traps, snare traps, and other hunting traps will work faster and more effectively
  • PREP FOR SAFE USE: Always use caution when heating as wax is flammable; It is strongly suggested to use a clean metal pot with lid and to wear flame-retardant gloves; If overheated, the wax may ignite in your pan; If this happens, simply cover the pot to snuff out the flames and remove from heat source
  • EASILY COAT YOUR SURVIVAL SNARES AND TRAPS: Once your coyote trap kit has been dyed and dried, you are ready to coat them in wax; Heat the wax then dip your traps; Ensure an even coat by covering each trap completely for approximately 15 to 30 seconds; Drip over pan then hang to dry; Wax can be heated in pan directly over fire or using a double boiler method
  • CONTENTS: Each package includes (2) 1-pound (16 oz) blocks of white parafin wax that can treat 24 to 36 average-sized traps per block depending on dipping method; Can be used on all steel traps and will dry quickly leaving a thin, clear finish that will resist rust and odors; Paraffin wax blocks can also be used to wax skis, snowboards, and surfboards; Package does not include traps, prepping materials, or logwood trap dye
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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.